This is my first cycle TTC w/ DH. We are not temping/charting, but I am trying to clue in to my body's signals to guess at O. We would be over the moon with a happy, healthy baby--boy or girl, it doesn't matter. I think that I will O this weekend while DH is away and it got me thinking about the Shettles method, since we've been BDing this week a few days prior to my guess at when O will be.

Has anyone tried the Shettles method (to conceive a girl), either on purpose or because of timing? Did it "work"? From what I've read it sounds like it is pretty much a crap shoot, but I am curious to know if anyone has personal stories! Again, this is just for fun--like I said, we are just excited at the beginning of our TTC journey and want a happy, healthy little one when the time is right.