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For women who color their hair, how much do you spend?

  • poll: How much do you spend?
    under $100 : (10 votes)
    21 %
    $100 - $250 : (34 votes)
    72 %
    $250 - $400 : (3 votes)
    6 %
    More than $400 (If more, please let me know) : (0 votes)
  1. Weagle

    coconut / 8498 posts

    @honeybear: I've definitely thought about that. The past couple of times I've gone to the Aveda salon in Annapolis. We live just outside the city, and it's easier to get to Annapolis than it is to get downtown.

  2. BananaPancakes

    grapefruit / 4817 posts

    I spend $135 for touch up, cut and blow dry at an Aveda salon. I think that's high for this area, and I've been thinking about switching.

    @littlek: A good friend's husband is in the military, so they move almost every 2 years. She said she never spent more on highlights than the 2 years she was in DC. She would try to wait it out and only get her hair done when she flew home to Florida to visit.

  3. MrsTiz

    cantaloupe / 6800 posts

    Holy crap, if it was $300 I would be a solid brunette for life.

    I get mine done for free because my sister is a hairdresser. She charges ~$100 for what I get done though.

  4. honeybear

    nectarine / 2085 posts

    @Weagle: It's near the Chinatown Metro stop, if that helps!

  5. petunia354

    pomegranate / 3863 posts

    $125 for full highlights & cut every 3ish months...I thought that was expensive and I was going to switch stylists but this thread is making me feel good about the price I'm paying.

  6. purrpletulips

    pomegranate / 3414 posts

    cut and color and tip $100

  7. SupernovaJ

    persimmon / 1141 posts

    Whole head color once every 2.5 months. I spend about ~$90 before tip. For highlights, $70 before tip.

  8. HLK208

    pineapple / 12234 posts

    When I use to color my hair, full highlight was $150 with a $60 cut. I would go in every 6 weeks since I was a natural brunette gone blonde and my hair was fried.


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