Okay Ladies,
I need a little input. We have been trying for over a year and we finally are pregnant. Through 2 sessions of iui's we finally got the BFP...only to find out later that our prayers had been doubly answered. Twins!! We are absolutely elated! Couldn't be happier We told our families at 8 weeks but holding off on telling anyone else until we are for sure positive that everything is okay with both babes. The 12 week appointment is when they are measuring necks and results should come in the following week. We hear thats pretty good time to share but I don't know if Im fully comfortable in sharing until the 18week appointment when they do all of their testing. I also know that with twins, I will be wearing a little bit of a belly and there is only so much "blaming it on a big lunch" that people will believe. I also don't want hurt feelings for not telling co-workers before its fully visible. When did you start sharing? I especially want to hear from those mama's that had iui's and/or twins!!