My 15 month old has had a cold for about two weeks. Just clear snot, nothing crazy. We've been running the humidifier and thankfully it hasn't turned into croup (like it usually does). Anyhow, this cold caused me to delay shots at his 15 month appointment for earlier this week. But I decided to go ahead with the appointment anyways even though the cold is lingering. He got the polio and hep A vaccinations on Tuesday morning. The past 3 days, since receiving the shots, he's been acting like the world is ending. Throwing tantrums for no reason, wanting to be held all the time, and just unhappy in general. He's also having trouble sleeping. Waking up here and there but putting himself back to sleep (he usually sttn) and taking longer then normal to go to sleep. He is not teething (he has everything but the two year molars) and doesn't have a temp.

Has anyone experienced something like this? He's never reacted to vaccines like this before. They usually don't affect him much. We're heading back to the doctor tomorrow to ensure everything else is ok!