I saw my consultant obstetrician for the first time yesterday. I was referred (from midwife care) because I have GD again and also because my last baby was "small for dates" at 5lb 15oz, 39 weeks.

I have spent the last 2.5 yrs fully believing that E was induced far too early - my GD was impeccably controlled. But my new OB accessed my records today and told me that the decision was made to induce me because the baby wasn't growing. With GD, she told me, the placenta sometimes packs up. For some reason, my previous OB didn't tell me, she simply said it was protocol to induce at 38 weeks (and she said that via one of her team - she never actually came into the room herself).

My new OB has prescribed asprin to help the placenta work better and extra growth scans. I will definitely be induced by 38 weeks. My OB said that this would be the preferred option anyway, with my history of rapid birth.

Does anyone have much experience of this? I'm kinda scared - but also super humbled. I've spent all this time blaming my OB for E's weight, when actually she might have saved her life. Whoever heard of GD causing tiny babies as well as large ones?