One of my biggest pet peeves is when the word "gender" is used for "sex" so I figured I'd get on my high horse for a minute. Hopefully I don't offend anyone; this is just one of my most sensitive issues.

SEX is biological - the genitalia and reproductive organs, chromosomes, hormonal profile, etc. that someone is born with.

GENDER is cultural and learned and refers to the characteristics applied by society.

So, when distinguishing sex, the words "male" and "female" are used.

And when distinguishing gender, the words "masculine" and "feminine" are used (although that distinction is murky and often unfair and inaccurate, but that's a rant for another day).

Just thought I'd chime in because every time I see a post about a gender reveal party, gender prediction, or a gender scan, I kind of want to yell "It's not gender, it's sex!"

And I know that the medical field calls it a gender scan, and there are no "sex reveal parties" on Pinterest, so I'm not blaming anyone here. It's societal. But I figured I'd just share some info on the difference, in case anyone cares.

*Steps off of high horse, backs away hoping that nobody hates the new girl.*