I've been reading the posts recently about MILs with a lot of interest. I get along fantasticly with my MIL, not so much with my actual mother - and i DO anticipate some issuse coming up when we have kids.

It will be the first grandkid on both sides, my mom and I have never gotten along and she is already insisting she will stay at my house for the first month (um.... no way) and while my MIL is great, i do see her wanting to spoil the baby or be the type to give sweets when i don't want LO to eat them or buy excessive / noisy toys without asking us first.

SO, due to all these considerations, i would LOVE to have a "talk" with my mom, dad, MIL and FIL (and DH of course) while pregnant to lay down some groundrules (in a very nice way). Just to help "manage expectations" so they can know ahead of time no one will be in the room during delivery, no one will be staying at our house when LO is born (stop by whenever, just call first!) and any big purchases have to be run by us first.

Has anyone considered a talk like this? did it blow up in your face or work well?

---btw, I'm not even TTC yet, so there's still a while for all this stuff, but i'm already getting lots of comments from both sets of parents because they both want grandkids so badly, my mom basically think she already is all set to stay with us for the month after and my MIL is already buying stuff in anticipation..... the pressure for grandkids is a whole other topic...