My high school bff is getting married this September. For bridesmaid dresses she is letting us pick our own. She prefers floor length. It needs to be burgundy (first choice) or peach (second choice). She wants us to pick our own partly because she would like for us to be able to rewear it. So it doesn't have to be super fancy looking.

I'll be 6 months pregnant at the time of her wedding. For my previous pregnancies I wore a few non-maternity maxi dresses for my whole pregnancy. I love maxi dresses whether im preggo or not so I figured I'll just find a normal non maternity maxi dress- easy peasy!

Not so easy.... I've scoured for hours online and I can't really find anything that would work. Please help!?

Need a dress that is:
-burgundy (or peach)
-floor length or close to it
-preferably non-maternity but empire-waisted or loose around waist to accommodate a 6 mo belly
-not super flashy with potential to re-wear
-under $100