Hello! I need some advice.

Now that LO only sleeps 11-13 hours per24 hours... and I am home with him and doing all the household chores... how do I find time to aply for jobs?

I heard that job boards are only 4% effective (What Color is My Parachute) and I can't exactly bring LO along with me while I network. I know the job search is supposed to be a full time job but I just can't swing it.

I don't know what to do. Do I risk putting him in daycare... and eventually pulling him when we run out of money (if I don't manage to get a job)?

Do I stick to job boards?

How do you network?

(My LO is 15 months, my DH is now in school full time all day long due to the distance, and we are new to the area so I don;t have friends or family here yet.)