My son is 7.5 months old. Ever since swaddle weaning around 3 months, sleep has been crap. I'm sure he's waking out of habit more than hunger at this point because I could literally set a timer to him. The biggest issue is multiple night wakings (2-3) and length of wakings, sometimes he is up for hours!!

I nurse him but my husband and I take turns with wakeups and he will bottle feed him for his turn which is a pretty lengthy process.

I feel bad completely taking away all his night feeds, and I really wouldn't mind getting up with him one time a night around 3ish to nurse. If that would be possible until he drops it on his own, great, if not then oh well.

He also will not eat any solid food yet, so I'm not sure if that's an issue.

Current routine is nurse around 6:30 and put him down. Sometimes he goes down asleep, sometimes awake and he puts himself to sleep. Sometimes I'll have to go in and give him his pacifier to settle him down but he usually rolls over and falls asleep instantly. He wakes at 11, 2ish, and 4ish every night. Last night at all she rocked him back to sleep with no feed, but he woke to feed at 1 and 4am. Honestly by 4 am I just feed him out of convenience because I don't want to deal with him crying at that hour.

What would you do!?