Hey Bees, I have been having crippling back pain for the past week and I am only 5 weeks pregnant. I have herniated discs in my lumbar area from a car accident almost 10 years ago and have been managing pretty well since then. I have small flare ups, but nothing that a heating pad and some Ibuprofen can't muddle me through.

I went to a chiropractor and my PCP and they seem to think I have Sacroiliac joint dysfunction, or simply put, the pregnancy hormones (Relaxin) are causing the ligaments holding my pelvis together to soften too early and my pelvis is essentially separating. Great in the last trimester, not so great so early on. This has aggravated my herniated discs like nothing else and now I can't even roll over in bed or sit comfortably, let alone walk around. They are pretty sure I am going to have to go on short term disability because there is no way I could do my job safely or at all (I'm a nurse in a hospital). I can't walk around for 10 minutes, I couldn't possibly do 12 hours! That's not even counting all the other physical things I do.

Anyway, my PCP prescribed my Hydrocodone and told me I can take it, but I don't feel very comfortable doing that, especially in such a critical stage of pregnancy. He said I could break it in half and I have to admit, in moments of weakness I entertain the idea. This pain is unlike anything I've felt before and I have become entirely dependent on my husband and my sister. I hate this. So much.

Sorry for the book, I'm just frustrated and hoping hoping HOPING someone out there has an answer or a suggestion for me to do. I start physical therapy on Friday and have looked up SI joint pain exercises on youtube. I am in no shape to do any sort of yoga. There are some all natural injections that my PCP can do, but they won't do anything until I am cleared by my OB, who won't see me until the 4th. I don't know how I can survive rolling around my bed and hobbling around for the next week or so.

Please, someone out there in the Hive, please provide some guidance! I am pretty desperate.