I'm part of a playgroup, and we meet for playdates and mom's night outs. We haven't been doing in-home playdates in a while, but the organizer of the group suggested we start doing them again and rotating homes, so everyone gets a turn to host. I didn't say anything to her, but I'm hesitant to host, because I think it's a rowdy group of kids when they get together and I'm really particular about keeping my house nice.

For example, we had a Christmas get together with the kids at the organizer's house earlier this month, and there were about 12 kids there. 10 of those kids were boys, and everyone was between the ages of 2.5 and 6. It's too cold for them to play outside, so they were literally running laps around the house, climbing on furniture, and dumping toys out all over the playroom. The host had a jar of 12 candy canes, and they all went missing. She made a joke that she will later find little pieces of candy cane stuck in her carpet upstairs. The other moms seem pretty laid back about messes and kids running wild, but my husband and I just moved to our house in February and we did extensive renovations to make the house look like new. We have new paint, refinished hardwoods, new carpet, etc. The thought of having 12 kids running through my house potentially destroying things gives me anxiety.

If you are part of a playgroup, do you host playdates in your house? How do you control messes/chaos, or do you not care too much about that? What would you do in my situation?