So, I have a two door 2001 Honda Accord, and have a bad back. I never go into my back seat, so it hasn't been a problem. I'm really concerned about constantly taking baby girl in and out of the carseat in the back. We planned to get a second car once we got pregnant, or moved whichever came first. Baby is coming first! I want something reliable, with good gas mileage, and affordability. This will become my primary car, and my accord will become DH's work car. So, Honda CR-V Owners please tell me what you or don't about your CR-V. I have never owned a new car before (let alone a car that wasn't 10years old), so I think I'd actually like to buy a new model! Which is crazy since I know they depreciate as soon as you drive off the lot, but this will be my third car, and I just want to buy a new. The Honda pilot is too big for our city driving! Oh yeah, we have two small dogs, and we *may* have a second in a couple of years. That is a very big *may*

ETA: We have the Uppababy Cruz stroller, and plan to get the mesa carseat.