A house in our preferred area will be going on the market in a couple of months, and it’s spurred us to think about what we need to do to get our house ready to sell. We have a few painting projects I’d like to finish, and I also feel like we need to do some major decluttering. I’m already feeling overwhelmed at that thought because my husband has a hard time parting with things.

Even if we don’t end up selling this summer, I think we realistically will look at doing it in the next few years, so I wouldn’t mind getting started now.

What things did you do to get your house ready to sell?

Also, as a side note, for anyone who painted cabinets, what brand paint did you use, and did you like it? We painted all of our cabinets four years ago, and while they look so much better, the paint has not held up well. In certain areas it feels soft. I followed directions carefully and didn’t take any shortcuts with prep or painting, and used Sherwin Williams cabinet paint. I’ve heard good things about Benjamin Moore. I would consider redoing all the fronts if it means it’ll hold up better.