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How Did You Become a SAHM

  • poll: How did you decide to be a SAHM
    I never worked so I stayed at home PP. : (11 votes)
    15 %
    I worked but knew I would be staying home after LO was born so I didn't go back : (36 votes)
    49 %
    I went back to work after LO was born but decided to be a SAHM. I quit to stay at home full time. : (17 votes)
    23 %
    I went back to work after LO was born but decided to be a SAHM. I quit to work part time. : (9 votes)
    12 %
  1. Cchoi4

    kiwi / 729 posts

    I worked for about 8 years before I quit to be a SAHM. My work environment was super frustrating and stressful. It was also a small company, so small that I was the only female on staff who was of child bearing age...so no maternity policy yet! I disliked it there and luckily, my husband was able to make a good enough salary where I could stay home. I quit 4 months before I gave birth and didn't go back post partum. Its been 4 years and I"m looking to go back to work now.

  2. sarac

    pomelo / 5093 posts

    I voted 'never worked', which isn't quite the case. I worked through high school and college, but when I graduated from college (I was a little bit older than usual at 26), we knew that we were ready for a family. So, I didn't start a career before getting pregnant, and four years later, I'm still a stay at home parent. I had started my plan to transition out of that lifestyle when I got pregnant again, so I'll put those plans on hold for another few years.

    We'd always planned for me to stay home, so we'd always structured our budget and spending around my husband's income only. We're really lucky that he works in a field where we're able to do that comfortably.

  3. Dandelion

    watermelon / 14206 posts

    I ended a temp job in a mail room and then I became pregnant. I decided to sah fir D while pregnant. Then I lost S and became pregnant again. Now M is 10 months.

    I'm sick of being a sahm at this point. I want to find something at least part time. I'm currently looking.


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