A close friend is ttc and called me to vent about it today. I feel really guilty that I'm pregnant and can't tell her yet. We haven't told anyone, and want parents to be the first to know after our 8w ultrasound next week. This weekend, we are having dinner with a bunch of friends, including the one who called me today.

In addition, all I've heard at work the past week is, "just wait till you're pregnant!" & "Did you know xyz about prenatal care?" & "When will you start trying?" Aaahhh! (I work with children and families, which doesn't help) The anxiety of holding in such a big secret, when it feels like the major topic of conversation whenever I go, is driving me crazy!

When did you tell friends? Your boss? Your coworkers? How did you keep it a secret until then? I keep telling myself that I can announce in a few more weeks...not helping though, lol plus I almost got sick in the office and with a client today, so I'm afraid it'll become obvious!