So, you may know by now that I have a 3 yo and am newly pregnant (7w) with my 2nd. It has taken a year to get pregnant with #2, and I've had 2 losses. My friend/neighbor down the street has 2 kids and has also recently struggled through 2 miscarriages (IVF and natural). (ETA: She knows about my struggle over the last year.)

I've shared about my pregnancy with online friends -- nobody in person. I read here that it would probably be best for me to email her (there was even a great template I could use). However, we generally only text or see each other in person.

I helped her through her most recent loss by bringing her ice cream and even sitting for her kids while she went for a D&C, and I didn't realize I was probably pregnant already at that time. I've seen her several times since I found out about myself, and I feel pretty awkward not sharing, though normally I wouldn't tell in-person friends until 12w.

What do you think I should do here? I'm still very nervous that my own won't stick, but I also feel like I maybe shouldn't wait until 12w to tell her. If I were to wait that long, I'd tell her well before other local friends.