We got the Snugabunny swing, which I'm planning to use mainly because it can plug into the wall. We were also gifted 3 hand-me-down swings I thought would be useful to leave one at the family vacation home and one at each grandparents' house. But now DH brought 2 of them home and they are HUGE! IDK why I thought they would fold up small? No way we can fold them into a small closet for the vacation place and store it. I think one of them we can keep in our room "just in case" she needs a place to sleep in our room. I think my dad will have a heart attack if we leave a big swing at his house too!

And the 2 that DH brought home yesterday are from his old boss whose baby is only 9-10 months old. So DH said the swings don't seem to have a long shelf life?

I'm thinking of trading one of them in for the BRU trade-in event, but feel guilty since the 2 newer ones are both still over $120 each!

How long did your LO use a swing for? Seems like they are kind of big ticket items that have a short life-span?