We live cross-country from DH's family. His parents are divorced and we skype with his dad once every two months or so and hardly ever with his mom. His dad calls and asks to skype sometimes, but his mom never initiates a call. When we lived near his family, and far from mine, my parents skyped once a week or definitely every other week. Mostly because my mom was somewhat diligent about bugging me to make it happen. I know that I need to try harder to initiate these calls and set up times, but it really irks me that my MIL never tries to initiate this.

I plan on having an awkward conversation with her about how I'd like her to bug me some more about video chatting with the kids and I will also make more of an effort to set up calls. Wondering what's typical for others with long-distance grandparents?

I want the kids to have a relationship with DH's parents, but sometimes I feel like I'm the only one that cares about it.