So my 6 year old DD (7 in March) wanted a rolling suitcase for Christmas. She totally doesn’t “need” it but we got her one, she was so happy with it and was excited to use it for sleepovers and vacations.

Yesterday she drew on it with a marker (it’s fabric)... she’s gotten in big trouble for this same issue in the past. She knows better and knows to ask first before drawing on stuff that’s not paper/meant to be drawn on. After playing the million questions game she admitted that she did it without asking because she knew that I would say no and she didn’t think that I’d find out(really?!?! It’s pretty big...)

Now I’m torn on what to do! So far we’ve had a stern talking with her, taken away all markers, taken away the suitcase, and she went to bed last night with no bedtime book and just a quick tuck in, no cuddling and talking like usual.

My biggest issue is that she doesn’t seem that sorry!! She hasn’t even brought it up today. Usually when she gets into trouble she feels terrible. She’s typically a very good kid, rarely gets into trouble, excellent at school, etc.

but now I’m stuck! Should she get into more trouble?? Do I eventually give the suitcase back?? Have her earn in back?? How?? I’m not ready to let this go but I don’t know what approach I should take...

Anyone have any advice or ideas? Personal experience?

I know that isn’t “that” bad of a thing to do but she intentionally did it behind my back and feels little remorse. We are also very big on having stuff like that is a privilege and taking care of our belongings is important. Also, if she had just asked I would have offered alternatives like an iron on patch, cute pins to stick on it, or keychains for the zippers... and I almost always give alternatives to situations like that.