So I was spoiled with DS, he is very cautious as a rule and very sensitive to approval. DD is a little wild thing though. Leave the door open a crack while you take the trash out? Expect her running down the street (not the sidewalk, the street) within seconds. Try to checkout without holding her? Expect her to be pulling all the items in the display out and dropping them on the floor.

I was working with customer service at Kohl's to return some shoes without the receipt (also her fault incidentally) for about 20 minutes, she kept running to the back admin offices. As I sign it all and turn to go, she is nowhere in sight. Not in the restroom area, not in the toy section, not in the admin offices. I look down some other aisles and see her at least 20 aisles away over halfway across the store. She didn't seem to care at all as I scolded her and told her no and all that stuff. She cared when I physically hauled her out and wouldn't put her down, but she's too young to really understand consequences I think.

DS would break down and cry if you told him no, DD just ignores you. Don't eat the dirt for the upmteenth time? How about a rock? I'm flying with the kids solo soon and she will be spending the vast majority of her time in a baby carrier because I'm terrified she'll just take off through the crowd!

She's only 15 months, but I need to address it now. Any one else deal with a runner? What about wild toddlers?