Hi ladies!
So I went in for my 34 week appt. yesterday and the nurses ended up checking my blood pressure 3 times! First was 136/104 and second and third were 145/98, 143/98. Needless to say I now have high Bp 😔. There was no protein in my urine, so at least there is that. So now I'm monitoring my Bp at home and my OB seemed to feel that if it didn't start going down by my appt next week I'll likely be on bed rest. I don't even know what I'm looking for here, except maybe just some stories where everything turned out good, if not perfect. I don't really have a birth plan per say, but two thing I really wanted to avoid was being induced and a CS. So sorry for the long post, I'm just feeling a little helpless and blindsided by this. Just tell me I'm over reacting and I can still have a perfect vaginal delivery lol. 😊