My lo was born at 25 weeks, so I wanted a Pediatrician who also worked in the NICU. I ended up going to the one that my favorite nurse also went to. But I'm just not feeling it. She's nice. But I don't feel like I ask can her much because it seems like I'm more informed on solids and things like that. And at times, it doesn't seem like she remembers that he's a 25 weeker She knows for sure, but I have done everything by his adjusted age and she's all of a sudden going by his actual age. He's 11 months actual and 7 1/2 adjusted which is a huge difference!

She said yesterday that he should be getting most of his calories from solids now. But we only started 2 months ago! He's making definite progress, but he's not ready for finger foods.

Should I switch if it's really just because of a feeling, not a poor standard of care? How do I go about it? I'm a major health group with lots of doctors and locations.