I nap trained Cobi at the same time I sleep trained him, at 6 months old. Which was four months ago.

Somehow, there was no definite point, I started nursing him before bed again. He doesn't always nurse to sleep, but sometimes he does. He can still put himself to sleep just fine, but will often fuss/cry beforehand for a little while now. I am mad that he was sleep trained and for some reason I started nursing him again!

How do I undo this? Do I just start nursing when he wakes up to put him back on a nursing schedule, and just start laying him in his crib at naps in order to re-train him?

Ugh I feel so bad I have to put him through this again. But he is 10 months old, and even though I don't plan to wean soon - eventually I will and I don't want him dependent on milk to fall asleep, or even using nursing as a cue for naps.

Ideas would be appreciated!