My dad passed earlier this year, and I know it's on my mom's mind every day. Every now and then, I will mention to her that I'm thinking of him - like the other day, we saw a nice sunset over my dad's favorite island and I told her that, "Dad would've loved that." She agreed, and I could tell she was glad that I still think about him.

I know this year has been really hard for my mom, since she was married to my dad for almost 50 years. I wish there was more I could do! We visited his grave together on Father's Day, but we usually visit his grave separately because it's a pretty private experience for both of us.

I'm going to have a small family celebration to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary this December... she was really looking forward to that, so I think she will be happy to honor it as a family. I will ask her for her thoughts on it beforehand, of course.

If one of your parents passed, how often did you talk about it with your other parent? Were you able to help them process their grief... or should I just give her space to process this all on her own?