I'm about to start my first IVF round since having DS and I'm looking forward to so many things if it works (which is crazy since I was sure I was one and done for almost the first year of DS's life).

-seeing two pink lines. Even though 2/3 BFPs ended in heartache for me, there is nothing like seeing those lines.
-I am looking forward to a little baby sleeping in my arms again. My big boy is just too big to even rock anymore.
-Lots of naps (DS will be in school so it will mean lots more down time for me, and I love a quiet apartment with coffee. always a plus!)
-Breaking out my sons old clothes (the few I've kept, if it's another boy)
-getting to buy all new stuff if it's a girl!
- decorating another nursery (it's hard to not start daydreaming and pinning)
-Trying to BF again, I really have a strong urge (it didn't work out so well last time. Again, it's surprising I'm saying this because I was sure I wouldn't even try BF again if we had another)
- trying some new mindsets in parenting. I was so nervous and anxious and uptight the first time so we didn't do much until DS was almost 6 months. I am looking forward to trying a more relaxed parenting approach (in some aspects). I think that I'll enjoy it a lot more since I won't be as scared, and that's really appealing. Like a do-over.
-seeing DS as a big brother and eventually them playing together. I have two nephews and although they fight, they are BEST friends
- being pregnant. I'm a weirdo who loves to be pregnant and wearing maternity clothes
- another shot at a positive birth experience. I was so unprepared for the shit show that was my first time (long labor with c section and nicu time), and I really think it shed a negative light on the first few weeks of parenthood. I'm looking forward to KNOWING I'm having a c section and being able to enjoy that initial bonding time (hopefully)

I feel like this is a big brain dump, but I just got overwhelmed with excitement as my new cycle starts, I felt like I had to gush and see what others are looking forward to.