What age did it stop?

My LO is almost 15 months and still a drooling machine. It started at 6 weeks and he's been drooling like a St. Bernard ever since. I don't think it's teething related anymore? By the time he was 13 months he had 16 teeth. The only teeth left are the 2 year molars and he is still drooling like crazy.

We have his 15 month appointment soon but wanted to crowd source. He is the only kid in his daycare class that still has to wear a bib constantly or he'll soak through his shirt in minutes. Some days its worse than others but it's ALWAYS there in some form.

Also, he still puts everything in his mouth. We were at the children's museum with some friends yesterday and EVERYTHING went into his mouth. There were lots of kids younger than him that didn't put anything in their mouth. I know it's normal-ish, I don't think anything is wrong with my kid...just wondering if anyone else dealt with this and when did it let up?

I'm so sick of buying bibs!