My 4.5 year old daughter is likely going to be an only child. There's a chance that we might adopt in a few years, if we can make it work financially, but biologically, due to physical/fertility issues, she's going to be an only. Although she has tons of friends who are also only's, we're starting to get questions about when her brother or sister will be coming. Unfortunately it's exacerbated by her not having any cousins (both hubby and I have younger brothers, neither of whom want kids at this point), and we don't have a particularly solid community of friends around us, so she's definitely feeling lonely at times with just her dad and I. We do everything we can to spend times with friends we do have, and she goes to school so she has kids around her, but I can definitely understand her curiosity around this. We've talked about how families come in different sizes, and pointed out other kids she knows who don't have brothers and sisters, but I feel like we're coming up short on this. Any ideas folks have deployed?