seven year old has added ice skates to her Christmas list. She is not coordinated; has never skated on real ice (and her one try at synthetic ice was pretty rough). We don’t have access to any public outdoor skating, and the closest rink is 25 minutes away with inconvenient public skates. In short, I’m not willing to sign her up for skating lessons (she’s got a terrible track record with losing interest in activities).

Anyway...I tried to ask her when she thought she’d use them, and she’s not hearing it. They’re going in the Santa letter. 🤪

I guess I can get her thrift store skates....but back to my question - how do you/have you handled impractical or unreasonable gift requests? Try to talk them out of it? Honor the request anyway? Ignore it?

FWIW I’m not terribly troubled about this, just interested in a convo on the topic.