DH mentioned to me yesterday that his parents would "for sure" come and stay with us for the week immediately following the baby being born. I was kind of shocked because I hadn't thought of how immediate that would be, but DH's reasoning is that we would come home from the hospital on at least 48 hrs of no sleep and would need the help. My in-laws are great overall, and we'd definitely appreciate the help, but I wonder if I'll feel bad that we don't get bonding time alone with the baby right from the start? My MIL will be helpful, but also can be the kind that she "knows what's best", if you know what I mean? Someone posted yesterday about the mom taking the baby away all the time and being forced to go to sleep? IDK how I would feel about that.

What do other Bee-Moms think and have any experience with? They live at least 1 1/2 hr away so there's no way of them going home and coming back in the day every day. Would you rather not have help or rather have them there right from the get go for the extra hands and support?