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In-Laws Right After Baby Is Born?

  1. PrincessBaby

    cantaloupe / 6610 posts

    Also, it's stressful to BF w/guests in your house bc you have to go hide away to BF. And you'll be BFing every 2 hours or so (and depending on how long your LO nurses, it could be 30 or 45 mins) then it's only a little over an hour until LO is hungry again. This caused me to spend a lot of time isolated when we had guests..I couldn't relax in my own home and feed my child while I hung out with DH or watched TV. I had to be locked away and that stressed/annoyed me!

  2. shopaholic

    bananas / 9973 posts

    Thanks for the recent input! I actually was just re-visiting this same issue today. I guess my IL's have said they would come stay a week max - since they have their own lives too. They told DH they wouldn't come if I didn't want them too, but being that my SIL already has had 2 kids, they know what it entails and think we could really use the help the first few days coming home from the hospital. At this point, I feel bad if I don't have them stay, because I can't really ask them to come later if they didn't offer. I know my MIL will be good with cooking stuff for me for postpartum care and keeping the house in order. And both will really try to get me to sleep and rest. I guess I think that the pros will overall outweigh the cons. Everyone keeps telling us to accept ANY help we get and so far, this is the only offer so I shouldn't refuse right?

  3. JoyfulKiwi

    nectarine / 2667 posts

    My parents came in the day DS was born and stayed 10 days. I was so happy to have them with us! My mom cooked, my dad weeded our yard, and they took some night shifts so we could sleep. Yes it was a little stressful because having guests always is, but I have a really good relationship with both my parents. We're pretty open (I didn't hide away to breastfeed) and I enjoyed their support. Plus they live 14 hours away and DS is the first grandson.

    Now, MIL? She's great, but we had her wait a month before she came.

  4. lemondrop

    bananas / 9118 posts

    My IL's stayed with us for a week about 24 hours after we got home from the hospital. They were fantastic, I never had to go take him away from anyone- it was all about what I wanted/needed. If I wanted a break, they were happy to hold him, if I wanted to cuddle he was all mine. My meals were cooked, my house was cleaned, it was great! My MIL even put order to the nursery and the huge amount of clothes we had.

    It just depends on everyone's personality! My only regret was locking myself in our room to breastfeed and pump, the process took forever and I wasn't comfortable enough to do it in front of anyone. These days it isn't a problem to flash a boob and start feeding anywhere or with anyone. Maybe it will be easier next time around?


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