Hi, I was wondering if you in an intercultural marriage, beside English does your children speak the native language of yours and your DH language?
To 'you', it is important that your children know their mom and dad native language? Or just English is enough (especially if live in the U.S)?

Do you mind share what languages do your children speak?--It is your native language or your DH native language? Or both?
If your trilingual (speak more than one native languages), how do you come to decission of which one to teach them?

Any ladies here that in an intercultural marriage? Or if anyone can help answer my questions above I really appreciate it. Thank you very much.


I'm Chinese/Vietnamese married to a Sierra Leonean.. My husband his homeland (Sierra Leone, West Africa) it a small country with 6 millions population. Children there when go to school English is the main language taught and spoken in school, they speak their native language at home.
My husband with his family he speaks his native Sierra Leoean language (the language that his ethnic group/tribe speak). This is the language he speaks with his mom, dad (deceased) and his older sister.
Yes, he knows English.

He bilingual, but I'm trilingual.. I'm fluent in speaking reading and writing Chinese, (Mandarin, Cantonese, and Shanghainese dialect because I'm native Shanghai born).
And Vietnamese (due to my mother side, my mom is Vietnamese).
English is my third language.

If you were me, beside English, what native language would you teach the baby?
English is the worldwide language, plus we live in the U.S so ofcourse English will be baby main language.
I guess the second language it be Mandarin?

A friend help gave me input she said that for the second language, chose a language that both mom and dad spoke in common. The thing is and my husband we don't have a common language (beside English).
I definately don't know his native Sierra Leoean language (the language that his ethnic group/tribe speak).
And he doesn't know (my languages) Mandarin, Cantonese, or Shanghainese dialect. Or Vietnamese.. Well, he does know a bit of Mandarin and Vietnamese from me lol, just a bit.

Seem like the baby will be trilingual if learn mom Mandarin, and dad native language.. To me it is very important that the baby know where their dad come from their dad culture and heritage. I just hope 3 languages isn't too much for a baby.