I need someone to tell me if this is normal or not! About 4 weeks ago DH flew across the country for a job interview. He was offered the job on a Friday and the following business was given an official offer letter. DH wanted to negotiate s few things so he sent an email and had a phone meeting scheduled for the next week. He had the meeting, they weren't super happy about negotiating but we're open to a couple of the things and said they would get back to him the end of the week. That Friday came and went and DH contacted them at the beginning of the next week. Finally heard back on the Wednesday and they said they'd have his revised offer to him by the end of the week. That was yesterday. We've heard crickets. It's for a small non-profit healthcare group and DH would have a very significant director role, it's a pretty unique position and they flew him out for the interview. His only point of contact has been the CEO who is likely very busy which is what we're assuming is slowing things down, and an HR person who can't seem to do anything without going through the CEO.

This job would finally allow us to move back home to our home state, which we have been trying to do for the past 2 years. DH has a very unique skill set and jobs don't come up very often. This job is a perfect fit and we internet to have him take it, even if they didn't make any changes - we just felt that negotiating was a given. DH is afraid to bother them more because he doesn't want them to withdraw the offer.

I am going crazy not knowing what we're doing. I have to resign my job which should have been done with 90d notice but 30d is the minimum. We have to rent a house asap, arrange movers, etc. Hes supposed to start right after Labor Day.

Is this crazy? Is this normal to be so drawn out? Is he not going to be hired and we're just being pulled along? Help! I've told DH he needs to directly ask for his offer on Monday or else we can't accommodate the start date. What does everyone think??