I had started a thread like this a while back and figured I'd start a new one...so what projects are you working on (for baby or not!)?

I'm making baby booties to match a hat I already made (http://www.hipknitized.com/2009/10/these-cute-little-booties-are-made-from.html). I would have been done with them a while ago, but instead of using worsted weight cotton I'm using a super fine wool/silk blend so they're taking forever! I'm never using yarn this fine again!!! But that pattern is super easy, and the booties are ADORABLE! I'm planning on finding a cute button or something to jazz them up a bit though.

And I'm working on a "balloon animal frog" to go with the balloon animal elephant that I already made. Here's the pattern for the frog - http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/L0209.html?noImages=0 (you have to have a lionbrand.com account to view it, but it's free) and here's pictures of the elephant I already made (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-TFEuMrJWdok/Tsbl7hX3cGI/AAAAAAAAAYw/D4YQBIB7LjQ/s1600/DIY_knit_elephant_2.jpg).