So, I hear that the last 4 weeks are the most uncomfortable of the whole pregnancy.

And I'm getting freaked. 36 weeks, and my heartburn today will NOT GO AWAY. Not with my prescription, not will the maximum dose of Tums. Not with super plain food, or no food, or mini-doses of food. So... is it just going to get worse?

I figure a lot of other symptoms get worse like back pain, dehydration, swelling, headaches... did you do anything different or special for yourself in the last month?

I'm scared to keep driving to work at this point. 3 more weeks of work-- and they can't even hold my position for me, so it's really just for the money that I'm still working now. Sooooo weird!

I feel all out of sorts! Who knows when baby will arrive? Scary scary, exciting, and scary!