I just cannot seem to get the deodorant smell out of my husband's shirts. I've had to start washing his clothes separately because everything comes out smelling like his deodorant. I feel like this problem started when we got a new HE washing machine (I miss a full tub of water and an agitator )... or maybe he switched deodorants around that same time?

I've tried several different detergents, All with oxiclean, All free and clear, tide free and gentle, tide sport (which had such a strong odor of its own it gave me a headache). The internet tells me to use degreaser on his shirts, or a baking soda paste, but those aren't realistic cleaning techniques for all of his undershirts every week. I tried the degreaser method and it was hard to tell if it actually got the deodorant out or the chemical smell just masked it... but after another wash or two they were back to smelling like the deodorant.

Does someone have a great detergent to recommend? Or something I can soak his shirts in or add to the wash cycle? This stupid problem drives me so crazy, I just want the clean laundry to smell clean!