So I noticed that both my babies love being held facing out. After a few weeks of getting nothing done and them wanting to be held, I realized I had a Beco Gemini and it allows forward facing. I pulled out the manual and it said its good for babies 4 months and up with good head control. Woohoo! Both babies can do that.

I did hear little rumblings on Babywearing sites about front carrying being bad. I heard from Babywearing experts from my local Babywearing group that it's safe as long as it's a carrier that is approved for front facing. I think Ergo 360, lillebaby and the Beco Gemini are ones that are 'approved' and safe for the baby. Oh, my babies don't have any history of hip dysplasia.

I know overstimulation is something I need to watch for but so far I've only worn them inside the house and for short periods... Well, because I have twins and one always needs to be fed or changed. Then after eating they fall asleep so my window of Babywearing is small. Haha.

If you babywear, have you let them face outwards?

Look at these two happy babies!