We have officially contracted the Terrible Two virus.

I don't know what happened. LO turned two in the end of January. He made his first poop in the potty on my birthday (late Feb, which I was ecstatic about), then things went down hill from there.

He got a cold around that time and since then, he became very difficult, even now that he is recovered. If something doesn't go his way, he broke out in a cry that wouldn't stop. Tantrums come back to back. I am at my wits end. It has been a week now. Everyday I have to endure some sort of crying spells / tantrums that he doesn't get over quickly. This is all so new to me and every day, I hope that was just a short phase and it has ended already (but hasn't so far).

I talked to my friend and she broke it down for me that made a lot of sense. We have two main problems:

1. power struggle (he wants something that couldn't be fulfilled because of all the various reasons he doesn't understand yet or he wants something that is the exact opposite of what you ask for);

2. Communication failure : He is still not speaking in sentences yet and sometimes I do not know what he wants.

When did Terrible Two starts for you? How do you deal with it? Were you successful? Does this phase ever end?