I have a history of PPA, mainly in the areas of health and safety. We live in AZ, so it's very common to have houses with pools. We ourselves have a pool in the backyard, and our backdoor is VERY childproofed (most adults can't open it). We swim almost every day May-Sept with LO and have since he was 6 months old - he is 2y4m now. It is too hot to play outside other than pool play.

He got really, really good at swimming with a puddle jumper last year, and I don't really worry about him swimming while wearing it. Historically I have never allowed him to be swimming with anyone but DH & I. MIL & FIL babysit him at our house daily and I've made it clear multiple times that they are not to go swimming with him - there are *so* many other things they can do. They are both very attentive to him but I am just afraid of a freak accident. They used to be EMTs 25-30 years ago and FIL was a police officer for 30 years.

Anyway... they live in a resort retirement complex with 3 pools, one of which is a "children's" pool, 2-3 feet, not sure about lifeguards. They have been babysitting at their place more often because I'm home with baby. DH made the mistake of telling them a month ago that they could take him swimming, and unbeknownst to me, they've now gone with him 3 times this past month - they bought him gear, including a puddle jumper, to keep at their house.

Anyway.... I feel uneasy about this but I don't know if it's logic or anxiety talking. How would you feel in this situation?

ETA: They babysit at their house about 1x a week currently, and starting in the fall it will be about 1x a month, but the pool is heated and open year-round.