someone posted a lillebaby all seasons complete on my local mom page - I may not get that one but it got me thinking. My nearly 14 month old weighs about 23 lb and is average height. Last time we traveled in early August I still used our old school (circa 2011) ergo at the airport but I’m kind of over it by this size. I also could have used a carrier just being out today (and many days) because she’s not super keen on being in the stroller long but I need my hands free for the older kids and we’re on the go a lot. Unfortunately it’s still 95 here so cooler is better.

Any thoughts on this carrier or an alternative? Price is a factor since it won’t get a ton of use at this age (but I will resell if I can). Thanks!

ETA she’s close but not walking yet ... can’t decide how much that will affect my carrier needs. But probably I can still use it since she gets dragged around so much. I’m not really an older toddler carrier person though, at least so far.