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Line Eyes?

  1. bees_knees

    persimmon / 1064 posts

    @karenbme: That sounds so frustrating. How are you today?

  2. karenbme

    persimmon / 1419 posts

    @bees_knees: Thanks for thinking of me. Ultimately, I'm fine. I was just really frustrated the other day. My HCG is rising quickly, which, without my history and the other symptoms, would be great but maybe means that they'll be able to see something at some point here and I'll be a candidate for surgery. I appreciate that most of the doctors are optimistic, but I feel sure that this is not an interuterine pregnancy. If I'm wrong, fantastic, but we should know for sure some time next week.

  3. periwinklebee

    grapefruit / 4466 posts

    @karenbme: I hope the time goes by quickly and you get some resolution soon

  4. nwm

    clementine / 830 posts

    @karenbme: Thinking of you!!! Hope you can do some good fall activities and help the time pass quickly this weekend.

  5. periwinklebee

    grapefruit / 4466 posts

    @karenbme: just dropping by to say I'm thinking of you and hope you are holding up okay

  6. karenbme

    persimmon / 1419 posts

    @periwinklebee: Thanks, I have another ultrasound tomorrow. My HCG levels aren’t high enough for it to be conclusive yet, so I’m not sure that anything will change, but there’s a chance this whole thing might end.

  7. periwinklebee

    grapefruit / 4466 posts


  8. karenbme

    persimmon / 1419 posts

    So it looks like this is going to stay a pregnancy of unknown location in my chart. I was supposed to have an ultrasound yesterday, but my HCG yesterday morning had dropped from 900 on Monday to 300. We repeated bloodwork again today and it had dropped by another 50%. I’m sad for this pregnancy and for not having the answers that surgery might have given me. But I’m also glad that it’s ending without an EUE or methotrexate, which is the path we would have been on if the level hadn’t fallen today. I guess I shouldn’t count my chickens before they’re totally hatched, but avoiding that pain and stress on my body is really the best thing I could have hoped for at this point.

  9. bhbee

    cantaloupe / 6086 posts

    @karenbme: no easy outcome I’m sure but hoping this is the best way to move forward

  10. bees_knees

    persimmon / 1064 posts

    @karenbme: Thinking of you. How are you doing?

  11. karenbme

    persimmon / 1419 posts

    @bees_knees: I’m doing alright, my HCG continued dropping on it’s own and was down to 10 on Thursday, so hopefully will be 0 when we check next week. Idk what the path forward looks like for us. I want my daughter to have a sibling and I feel pressure because I’m older to keep pushing, but I also want to be gentle with myself and don’t want to have another loss in the middle of the holidays. DH’s company announced that their 2022 insurance plans will have “enhanced fertility coverage” so we’ll see what that means and if the rules there will be different from my coverage. But I also mentioned IVF at one of the appointments and the doctor started listing all the things that can go wrong there too so idk.


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