Fall semester is starting next week and I am dreading these VERY long Tuesdays and long Thursdays ahead of me.

Tuesdays I’m going to go to work straight from 8-3, then will go to one class that is 4-6:45, and another that is 7-8:15. Yes, yikes. Luckily I don’t work Wednesdays so I can take that day to “rest”!

Thursdays I'll work 9-5:30 and then I have the 7-8:15pm class again.

I’ll just have reached 12 wks/second tri, so I know/hope my energy will be back somewhat. Oh and I have a 2 yr-old too. But better now than third trimester, and definitely better now than when I have LO2.

So I need ideas for meals when I’m doing these long days! What would you bring as dinner/snacks?