I have a 4 year old DS and 1 year old B/G twins. The twins need so much all the time: diaper changes, bottle feedings, the list goes on and on. I’m finding myself feeling so guilty because my 4 year old is having to wait around a lot for me to finish with the babies. He’s super sweet and independent, but he also asks me to play with him nonstop, and sometimes I just can’t. I always give him one on one time during their naps, and I include him in everything I do with the twins, but I always feel like he’s not getting enough of me. I know there is nothing to change it, until they get a little older, but I’m just wondering if I’m being too hard on myself, or if I can do other things to make him feel more important and included. It’s just so hard, and I’m constantly feeling guilty. I think I just needed to see if anyone else feels the same way about their older children, when a new baby/ babies join the family.