Did you ever fear that you may have done something that may have impacted your LO in his/her growth and development? What is it, and why do you feel that way?

For me, thinking back, I always think/fear/regreted that we may have "impacted" LO's development, or even IQ (!!!) by listening to our pediatrician's unrealistic and unreasonable "advice" about how to get him STTN. His advice was to not let him nap between 3:30pm to 7pm, and put him to bed by 7pm and let him sleep without waking him. He gave this advice to us when he was 1 month old !!!! Of course we didn't know better and we followed (because we were on the brink of insanity too). To a point that I snapped out of it and realized this is insane to not let a baby nap. But I think we did it for a few months Sometimes I think I might have affected his IQ and speech, who knows, maybe if I had let him napped as he needed, I would be having conversations with him already (he is 19 months).