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  1. yin

    honeydew / 7917 posts

    @Mrs. Lemon-Lime: I put him in it right away, and he didn't start to protest until he was older and more mobile. Since LO was mostly sleeping in the early days, I would plop him in close to nap time.

  2. Mrs. Lemon-Lime

    wonderful pea / 17279 posts

    @yin: hmm, Im going to try that. So far I have been using it as an awake activity. Your monthly photos of your little guys are just beautiful! Very fun stuffed animals too

  3. Happygal

    pomelo / 5000 posts

    I laid her down on a different blanket each month with a sticker and the same animal. Once she started rolling, it was no longer a relaxed event! So I would either be ok with having them switch positions, or start sitting up from the beginning if you want continuity.

    @Mrs. Lemon-Lime: I used the Snuzzler to create a snug fit for my daughter in the Bjorn bouncer for awhile. She seemed to really like being snug like that.

  4. Littlebit7

    nectarine / 2243 posts

    we did the same chair, blanket/quilt as a backdrop and lucy darling stickers. I found good light to be the most important aspect and then when I edited each photo I could just lift and stamp my edits from the previous month so they all have the same color temp/feel.

  5. looch

    wonderful pear / 26210 posts

    I am a monthly photo drop out, lol.

    I tried, I really did, but I just lost steam. I had intended to do two sets, one where my son was on a white background wearing a white onesie (I got to about 6 months on that project).

    The other was to have photos with my husband and son, together, wearing their coordinated Ralph Lauren polo shirts. I got to 7 months on that one.

  6. ValentineMommy

    pomelo / 5791 posts

    I just made sure to take a pic on their month-iversary (lol). There was no consistency or anything to outfits/props/location.

  7. Banana330

    nectarine / 2317 posts

    We did monthly photos on a sheepskin rug in a diaper. One month we were on vacation and I just did the photo on the beach in a diaper. I also did weekly photos but I really just used a picture from that week, usually of a skill she learned that week. They are really cute to compare.


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