I don't want to bore you with too many details but I have always struggled with insomnia but I also have high sleep needs- when I worked FT I was taking ambien.

When I was self employed melatonin and an over the counter sleeping pill- and I would usually sleep in till 8 or so sleeping for 10 hours.

Since T was born I have been waking 1-2 times a night to soothe/feed her. If she's snoozing with me I usually can sleep in until 7.

Suddenly she is STTN and I go to bed at 9/9:30 and have been waking up at 5/5:30 every morning. I can not get back to sleep. She usually wakes up after 8. I'm taking melatonin and the over the counter sleeping pill like I did when I was self employed. I've been walking 3.5 miles a day and my legs are sore and I'm tired. What gives? I don't want to get on a more serious sleeping pill, but I'd love to get at least another hour in.