So I got sick during the 3 hour glucose test so they are having me use a diabetic kit to test my sugars at home for two weeks. I test fasting, then every hour between meals. I’m not to change my diet because they want to see how my body reacts to foods I eat normally. These were the numbers on a GD sheet that they gave me for healthy blood sugars:

Less than 90 mg/dl before meals (fasting)
Less than 140mg 1 hour after meals
Less than 120mg 2 hours after meals

These are my numbers for the past 7 days:
Fasting B L D
83 116 114 104
89 ? ? 104
84 125 108 117
80 126 93 124
79 97 131 110
93 110 111 95 (pizza for dinner)

I feel like my numbers are good except for this morning and yesterday morning. I’m doing this for another week but I’m just worried that these past two “fasting” readings will get me a GD diagnosis? I mean, I have another week left of testing and I know more readings will give more info, but I’m just slightly panicking today/right now. My fasting number this morning was 95, although we had pizza last night, and I read that pizza affects you for even days afterwards. That doesn’t explain Thursday’s fasting number of 93, where I had corn and chicken homemade chowder the night before though. I don’t even know what I’m asking… I guess “what do you think?” Do you think these past two mornings’ fasting GD be the reason for a GD diagnosis? This is a silly question I know, because I see the OB next week. But you know how it is…