my daughter is an awesome night sleeper and pretty much starting sleeping through the night at 4 months. however she is a terrible napper! no matter what I do to try and nap train her, she still cries bloody murder and it is a battle to get her to sleep an hour. she's now almost 9 months and i don't really see a light at the end of the tunnel.

her naps are usually about 45 minutes long and it's really rare that she naps a full hour and a half to two hours. she's been taking 4 naps a day until recently she has been down to two naps, for a total of max 2 hours sleeping a day (two 45min -1 hour naps). she goes down at around 7-8 depending on the time of her second nap, and she wakes up at 6:30. this means she is probably getting about 12 hours of sleep and i know that is not nearly enough sleep for a 9 month old (or, 8,75 month old)

does anyone have any tips for napping? what were your baby's sleeping schedules at 9 months?