Hi everyone,

I’m starting to look into a nap training plan for my 7mo and was looking for some suggestions to come up with a plan.

We cosleep at night and for naps I side lie nurse him to sleep on our bed where he takes his naps. This started because every time I put him in the crib asleep he would wake up. I don’t mind nursing him to sleep for naps it’s just now he’s more mobile and can climb over the pillows on the bed so I need to change this. Sometimes lately if I lay him on me laying down in bed he’ll fall asleep as well. I don’t mind this either bc I know the snuggles won’t last forever but it’s transferring somewhere else to sleep that’s the issue.

I was thinking about doing the “swing method” but it’s recommended for 6m and under. I’m familiar with the Ferber method and extinction method but wanted to see what other options I have. I tried laying him in his crib one day last week and he was hysterical.

I sleep trained him a couple months ago for bedtime except recently I changed the bedtime routine so nursing is 20-30min before bedtime therefore he goes down completely awake and he’s doing well. Still waking up a few times a night though (need to work on night weaning).

Any suggestions on how to get started on nap training and getting him to sleep in the crib? Or any other suggestions for naps? Could I try the swing method? I know some may suggest laying him in his crib awake at nap time and do CIO but it’s so hard to listen to him cry. I know it’s probably going to be what to have to do