LO is 6 months, and we tried to wean her from her swaddle and nap train her at the same time today. It was an absolute failure, and I'm feeling guilty because I think it's mainly my fault.

LO woke up at 6:48 am this morning, and we did our usual feeding and some play, then I started getting her ready for her nap at 8:20 am. We sang our song, and I rocked her for a minute, then I placed her in the crib and she was ok at first, then she just started crying, and scooted herself to the edge of the crib, banging her head a couple times trying to get to me. She cried for the whole hour, so we tried to console her, fed her a little more, and then tried the process again about an hour later. This time she played a little in the crib and even put her head down a couple times, then after about 15 minutes of play she started crying again and accidentally banged her head hard on the crib again. I felt so bad! So i finally picked her up to calm her down. Then after a little bit, swaddled her and rocked her to sleep. Did I just cause a bigger confusion in her brain now? I don't think I was ready to deal with the emotions today, such a mommy fail.

My plan was to start swaddle weaning and nap/sleep training today, but I think we may have to postpone for a bit. One thing I noticed was LO stopped crying for a bit after I flipped her back on her back, as she hasn't quite mastered rolling tummy to back, but rolls back to tummy every second she gets. Maybe she got stuck and was crying even more? Should I wait until she is able to roll back and forth? Our pediatrician told us it was ok to start now even, she actually told us we should start weaning the swaddle now and teaching LO to fall asleep on her own.

Should I have started with sleep training at night first instead of naps?

How did the rest of you train your LOs? I've been teetering between extinction and the Sleep Lady's shuffle (which I tried today), but seeing how she gets with me in the room, I may have to either try the Ferber method or complete extinction next.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!